Welcome to this weeks Retro Series Episode.

In this Podcast, The Sleep Geek – James Wilson joins our conversation.

Sleep is so important, so why do many of us pay the least attention to it?  It is so important, that we know you cannot survive without sleep.  In fact, as James points out in our podcast you can survive without sleep for 11 days only.  We know this because of a rare genetic condition call Fatal Familial Insomnia

Here are links to some of the advice James gives, and tools Pennie, Jonny and Ruth use to improve their Sleep.

Sleep Chronotype Tool

Magnesium Supplement

Sunshine alarm Clock


How sleep works:

Sleep Cycles

Sunrise Clocks

Flux Screen Filter App

Magnesium for Sleep Article

Here is a link to each of Pennie, Jonny’s and Ruth’s Blog posts, they each write from a different perspective writing from their own experience of their relationship with Sleep.

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