Welcome back to this week – hope you are having a great Monday – if not – then here is a must see message from George!

Now – if you’re wondering what George has to do with ‘The Brain’ – then wonder no more. How many of the people on that train had their mood, their attitude, and their day positively adjusted thanks to George? We’d say most of them.

In this week’s episode we chat specifically about the things we have discover about The Brain which we think everyone should know.

We are learning so much from this series, so many things that need to be general knowledge for us all to take advantage of!

Here’s a fab animated RSA talk about our divided brain – it’s very sciency – so our advise is to stick with it – there’s a few gems in it to broaden understanding and use of the mighty tool that is our brain.

The Divided Brain

Until next week,

Ruth, Jonny and Pennie

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