Hey Hey! Happy 2018 everyone… ah the fresh feeling of a crisp New Year…. what is it about it’s shiny newness.

This week we welcome in the new year with our thoughts and learnings from our experiments in 2017 and explore what our goals and hopes are for 2018.

We would love to know what your plans and goals are for 2018 – what’s your favourite way to keep yourself on track? What works for you?

Many people have started to do various challenges, for example Dry January, 365 Photo Challenge where you take one photo a day, it’s become a bit of a trend and part of the New Year ritual. The *big* one for 2018 are RED months – so – lots of people are trying RED January – (RED is ‘Run Every Day’). What ones will you be trying?

We are giving the #52ListsProject a whirl – because we all live a list and the book is a beaut (and the psychology which supports it is pretty compelling).

Let us know what challenges you are doing and why, and share your progress with us – we might even join in!

Until next week,

Have a corker,

Pennie, Jonny and Ruth

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