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This week we have Simon Duffy as our guest. Simon is the guy who invented personal budgets and now is leading a growing global network, lobbying for Universal Basic Income trials around the world, and founder of the Centre for Welfare Reform.

Simon, who’s a Social Innovation Scientist believes that we currently have a Zombie government that’s damned if we do or if we don’t within the current model of economics, and believes that now is the perfect opportunity for the left to rally and lobby, and create a groundswell of support for change in our social and economic system. Universal Basic Income, if done in the right way and set at levels that cover our basic needs, for every citizen (there are different schools of thought regarding children and qualifying age and amounts if not immediate).

We hope that soon there will be some UK trials.

Imagine the single mum working 3-4 jobs just to keep a float – doing so because she has no choice, what pressure would that take off her? What if she was taken unexpectedly ill and benefits available didn’t cover her and her families basic needs forcing a return to work sooner than she deserves for ensuring proper recovery because the bills are mounting? Universal Basic Income would mean she wouldn’t have to run herself into the ground to such a state of poor health in the first place.

Imagine the disabled person who would like to contribute to society in some way – but the benefits sanctions penalise people who manage to do some things, arguing that they can be put to paid work if that’s the case. We all know that’s not true.

Imagine the benefits system abusers. What if there wasn’t a system to abuse?

The possibilities are at least worthy of thought and considered inquiry and experimentation, because the hypothesis – even tho not without its own problems, is that things can only be better than they are now.

And what about those who don’t ‘need’ it. Well, they’ll either spend (good for the economy), save or invest (good for their wellbeing and their families and the economy) or they might donate more or cut back there hours for a better life balance.

A system that ensures everybody matters equally is a very exciting prospect.

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