In this weeks episode of ThrowStarfish, we are joined by the one and only Dan Sumption, a Sheffield legend with a fascinating story, an interesting past and pretty much is that guy who everyone knows or knows of – as legend has it – anywhere in the world, to the point that here in the North of England we often refer to him as ‘Six Degrees of Dan Sumption’.

In our interview we chat about some of his back story, what makes him tick and how he is building a new relationship with himself.

We also chat music scenes, photography and his day job in the world of tech. Come on a journey of discovery with us about the man behind the name, and find out what Starfish he throws your way.

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Pennie, Ruth and Jonny

Here’s the book link info Dan mentions.

How Sadness Survived: The Evolutionary Basis of Depression, by Paul Keedwell:

Dans Twitter

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