Hey hey! Welcome back! Today I’m putting up my Christmas Deccies following listening to the edit to write this week’s post. (It’s Pennie btw).

We have a chat about regrets – as the song goes, we’ve had a few.

We were inspired by an online discussion that went viral, when a Mum posed a question about regrets she could pass on to her son before he moved off to Uni.

The Mum, completely thrown by the response, started a discussion we could all relate to, and it was super interesting the things people shared.

As the old saying goes, nobody on their deathbed ever said they’d wished they had worked more.

Our conversation also shares our experience of helping people reframe their regrets, because often, the thing we regret means that had the thing NOT happened – then maybe things and memories we cherish may not have happened to.

We hope that you too, whilst reflecting on your regrets, if any trigger pain, maybe try the techniques we suggest to reframe them – not all regrets can be reframed, but many can.

Google regrets and there is a plethora of lists… here’s a poignant ine Jonny found.

Nurse reveals the top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed

Until next week,

Jonny, Ruth and me, Pennie

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