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This week we continue our discussions with special guest Kisha Bradley from Bright Box.

We decided to chat about beauty and how this preconceived notion of beauty standards are part of everyday life, and explore the absurdity behind it, and some of the causes.

People of all gender types and ages are constantly fed (and are feeding) a false reality. We airbrush, filter, pose and project distorted versions of our own reality, and suck up other people’s. It affects people in different ways, from impacting on mental health and well being, perceived social status and popularity, through to our spending habits and how we judge others. It seems that no one is truly immune to the standards humanity, marketeers and peers self impose.

In one part of the discussion Pennie shared a real example of how little things can have a big impact on time and pockets. One such thing was eyebrow beauty standards, a trend in at least the western world that becomes important from early teens through to old age. In exploring the ridiculous nature of some of these standards, Pennie shared she recently spent £80 on product so she could easily create perfect brows, but found it didn’t make it any easier or more *naturalish*. For fun, Pennie has shared the pics of her eyebrow process – meaning applying makeup now takes up to an hour (compared to between 5 – 15 minutes).

This is how Pennie does them in less time (it’s shaved about 20 minutes off the time).

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Jonny, Pennie and Ruth

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