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This week were inspired to discuss power, what it means, who actually has it, and how it’s used. The topic came about after Jonny and Pennie had a late night discussion, feeling exasperated at how Sheffield Council seems very out of touch and out of control, seemingly powerless to make decisions, bring about change or enact its constituents and cabinet members requests in areas they are mandated to do so.

We came to the conclusion that no one person has all the power, but they often have the illusion of power or are met with presumption of power. Power constructs seem to be based on ability to influence, and, the higher up the chain you are, the greater the perceived influence.

People in power need to be great strategists in order to maintain influence. We explore the analogy of chessboards within chessboards within chessboards, which helps us see the chain of illusion / presumption / control of power.

We are all playing different games of chess on other people’s chessboards, with each chessboard having different procedures, policies, customs and practice, within different procedures, policies, customers and practices (repeated infinitely).

Whose chessboards are you on? Do you have your own chessboards? How good are you and influencing all the pieces and boards.

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Pennie, Jonny and Ruth

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