Welcome back!

This week, we discuss the ability we all have to change what we think to achieve better days.

We’re sure you’ve experienced ‘one of them days’ – it starts out bad the moment you get up, maybe you stubbed your toe, then made your coffee only to discover the milk was on the turn, couldn’t find your phone or your keys before leaving the house, set off late, hit traffic, blah blah blah…

During our chat we share what we know about how to change outcomes in the moment (we say ‘know’ lightly, because sometimes we are so busy in the thick of things, that we even forget we can make it better or easier by applying a few simple hacks.

We can’t wait for you to try some of our advice and would love to know your experiences, or if any of our discussion resonates with you.

Until next week,

Have a great one!

Pennie, Jonny and Ruth

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