If like us, your timelines and news feeds have been inundated with shock and horror about the What the Health Documentary, and a general awakening and understanding of how meat eating is a real drain on our natural resources and the environment, then, you may well have been tempted to try going vegan.

We know many people who are generally trying to reduce the amount of meat and diary they consume, and trying to understand where and how to buy ingredients with less of an impact on the environment and our health.

In an attempt to see what difference it can make, Pennie, Jonny and Ruth have each approached the eating less meat and dairy thing differently – in this podcast they chat about what their experiments have taught them.

Let us know if you are trying to be more conscientious about what you eat and why? What works for you? What made you want to make a change?

Until next time,

Pennie, Jonny and Ruth

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