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So it occurred to us that people often ask us for our advice or experience of all kinds of things, from apps, to the right people and places, through to approaches and methods of working. In this episode we share the tips tools and tricks we use or have used, short films that have inspired us, or little gems and nuggets of information we have found useful.

We’ll be updating this post with alllllll the links (we mention like… a lot). And they are from our heart mind and experience, we don’t (yet) have sponsors or commission deals (and to be fair, if we ever reach such heady heights of achievement, it will always be based on honesty! Cos that’s how we roll – and you’ve all heard how critically honest we are no doubt! ).

The links will be update by the end of September, so if you follow this post, you’ll be notified straight away.

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Pennie, Jonny and Ruth

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