Welcome to this weeks Throw Starfish Podcast, and hold on to your seats – it’s going to get fast, furious and out there.

During this Podcast, we contemplate the future of travel and how it will go on to affect so much more. Will it give us more free time? If so to do what? What would you do if you could do anything you chose on your daily commute? With virtual reality and augmented reality already a thing, the only limits will be your imagination. What if we no longer commute? or travel? Or not at least as we know it now (anyone for a quick trip to Mars to drink martian nootropics with Elon Musk in his hot tub whilst he contemplates the future with his brother) *mind overloads*.

Come with us on our fanciful journey into the future, part imagination, part science, part already freakin here!

Here are some useful google searches for you;

Autonomous Vehicles
Autonomous Mobile Homes / Office
The 4D V & A R world (4 Dimensional Virtual and Augmented blended reality)

Dont go toooo far down the rabbit hole – come back next week, where we’ll be a little more grounded discussing when the right time is to give up your job.

Until then,

Pennie, Jonny and Ruth

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