Hey – welcome back!  We hope your new year  got off to a great start.  Now, as we all know, doing stuff isn’t always easy.  So many success stories tend to miss out on the dark days in the journey, which can lead us into a false sense of inadequacy when the shit hits the fan.

We were looking at a future topic for Throw Starfish – Imposter Syndrome – and in looking at the fascinating subject we resolved to have an honest discussion about failure and how we personally deal with it.

So as ever – here are the recommendations for your google searching if you’d like to explore some of the ways we deal with it, and of course – there’s our individual blogs ‘When the Shit Hits the Fan’ on our websites.

Our websites




Your google searches

Circles of influence

Sphere of influence and control

Span of control

Headspace – Above the clouds meditation

Effects of Oxytocin

The body’s biological / chemical response to stress

Imposter Syndrome

Videos we mention

Prince Ee – The Farmer Story 

Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

We’ll be back next week, discussing the enigmatic art that is relaxation…

Until then – have a great week,

Pen, Ruth and Jonny

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