Happy New Year to you all!

There’s something really motivating about a fresh New Year.  Many of us will be thinking about what the New Year has in store for us, and in some way, control it’s direction by making New year resolutions or setting new goals and objectives in our personal, career and business lives.

The odd thing about this fresh new motivation is, well, it does’nt last that long when it comes to New Year Resolutions (except for the 8% of you who succeed beyond January).

In this podcast we discuss how we approach getting things done and how we take advantage of the renewed energy and focus a New Year gifts us.  We share our thought processes, tools and techniques, in the hope that some of what we share resonates with you and helps in some way.

We also set ourselves a 100 day challenge – an experiment, that we invite you to take part in – now or in the future.  We are interested to see how if you turn a big goal into a 100 day challenge (give yourself 100 days to acheive something by taking a tiny step each day for 100 days) how likely you are to complete it – or at least get closer to achieving it – than you would have.  If you use social media or blog posts to share or discuss your 100 day challenge – use the hashtags #ThrowStarfish and #100Days and we’ll share your stories, answer your questions and discuss your thoughts. 

For more detailed how-to’s and progress check out our individual blogs on our websites;


www.Jonny Douglas.com


And dont forget to follow @ThrowStarfish on all the social media.

Keep throwing your own Starfish,

Pennie, Jonny and Ruth xx

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