A while back we realised that you were listening to us share our insights and opinions, yet have not properly introduced ourselves. Every now and then we will interview one of us, to help in the process of getting to know who we are, what we do, and what makes us tick.

In this interview Pennie and Ruth chat to Jonny to try to uncover ‘What Jonny Does’ (which is a question that has haunted Jonny since starting out), and has become a bit of a thing amongst friends and associates.

You can have a good ole poke around his website here @ www.jonnydouglas.com

Jonny’s other projects are;



www.savemountpleasant.org (avenues to zero)

My Life / Future 500 – https://pennieraven.wordpress.com/home/future500/

Pennie’s Blog

Jonny’s Blog

Ruth’s Blog

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