In the first of our ’An Interview With…’ Pennie and Jonny give Co-Host Ruth a good grilling. Listen to get to know Ruth a bit better. Ruth, the youngest on the Throw Starfish Team, who up until she was 12, new exactly what she wanted to do – she was going to University to become  Lawyer.   She chose her study options wisely, and ‘had’ to take a course in a Technology Subject.  So in pursuit of ticking a box, Ruth chose Resistant Materials.  The project brief was to create some storage.  Not feeling it was a challenging enough brief, she asked her teacher for a real world problem to solve.  Sadly, her teachers Father had recently had a stroke, and struggled walking up the stairs.

At 15 years old, Ruth had invented, designed, built and distributed The Stairsteady – now supplied all over the world helping thousands of people.

In Ruth’s interview, we discuss her journey and learn more about her.


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  1. Well done guys!! Look forward to future episodes. Well produced! I also run a podcast. Would love to do an interview with you guys. From Vancouver BC. Check out my site and let me know if it fits. Cheers!!

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