In this ThrowStarfish podcast we share our experiences of Social Media platforms, including how and why we use the platforms we do, and how they are ‘supposed’ to be used and for what.

In the discussion we identify that we are all curating more and more if our own content to share and how as users we tend to speak more about the content we are sharing than directly speaking to our friends / followers.

Ruth mentioned her Klout score as a way of measuring her campaign impact.  Visit to discover more.

Jonny uses Hootsuite – out of all of us, he does the most scheduling of social media as he looks after a number of his and Pennie’s business and project accounts.  The free account is sufficient if you only have to worry about a couple of accounts.

Pennie mentions Adobe Sway – which is actually a made up mashup of two very free powerful tools.  Adobe Spark and Microsoft Sway.  Here’s an example of a Spark that Pen created to support our Pomodoro podcast

You simply create it in a free app, and either copy a link or embed code to paste straight into your website or social media platform.

Other content generating apps mentioned were Vimeo, Vine, You Tube, Periscope and Canva.

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