Welcome to this weeks Throw Starfish. We have Shawn Brown as our guest this week. We were inspired to include Dyslexia as part of our brain series, in part by a TED Talk by Shawn about Neuro Diversity, but also because Jonny is Dyslexic, Ruth wonders if (ok Shawn suspects) that Ruth has Dyslexia, and Pennie struggles getting letters in the correct order when writing on a Flip Chart / White Board.

We discover all the learning differences attribute to Dyslexia – it’s not only reading and reading writing – it also includes skills like numeracy, memory, memory and sequencing.

Here are the links we mention in the show,

Ted Talk by Shawn : https://youtu.be/uecEdkEoY4E

Dyslexia Cornwall : https://www.dyslexiacornwall.org.uk/

Social Model of Disability: https://goo.gl/images/odQ4bm

Medical Model of Disability: https://goo.gl/images/Jr2YLj

Kids Invent Stuff : https://youtu.be/z9IOT10kavs

We hope you enjoy, and look forward to Dyslexia Part 2.

Until next time,

Jonny, Ruth and Pennie

Kids Invent Stuff

3 thoughts on “073 The Brain Series | Dyslexia Part 1 | Throw Starfish”

  1. Brilliant!
    All these things about struggling with memory and (in my case) language describe my problems getting through the education system. I just found my old school report (11 – 16 years old) in the loft and reading it through was a revelation. By the end I was doing the subjects that didn’t need memory and scoring first in class on them. The comments from teachers were all about better, tidier handwriting and spelling. It seems that’s all the education system can use to measure people.
    Finally I’d just like to say that having dyslexia is not a disability, but not having it puts you at a disadvantage in our technological society!
    Keep up the good work but do improve your spelling and handwriting! – Only kidding!

    1. Hi Mark
      Thank you for your input, we totally agree.
      Part 2 was really interesting (Pennie and Ruth did a preliminary test).
      Very interesting. Have you watched Shawn’s Ted talk?

      1. I though the TED talk was brilliant. Interesting, after listening I was in the loft with my son looking for old stuff and came across my school report. All about being lazy, poor hand writing and spelling. Towards the end I’d focused in on the things I liked, maths, physics, tech drawing and woodwork. I was getting to be first in class and still getting the “bad spelling”, “must try harder”, “untidy handwriting”. This was in the 1960s and it’s eroded my confidence for years. Lets hope this sort of awareness means others don’t fall into my trap.

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