Welcome to this weeks podcast, The 3rd episode in our series exploring the brain. We hope you’ve enjoyed our discussions and findings so far, and we know for sure we’ll certainly be revisiting this fascinating piece of kit under our hoods again and again – we’ve found the exploration addictive and enlightening – even exciting – it’s such a key moment in science advances we haven’t even scratched the surface.

This week we explore what helps us concentrate and how we try to overcome inevitable distractions. Naturally procrastination comes up, and apps to help, but also – as science reveals more about a brain and relationships to our behaviours, we also explore some of the so called ‘disorders’ including ADHD – particularly in women.

Do let us know your thoughts and discoveries and about interesting topics articles and video on the subjects – and if you have any go to techniques to help you concentrate or lock distractions the kerb.

Until next time,

Have a fab week,

Pennie, Ruth and Jonny

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