Hey, Welcome back to this weeks Throw Starfish.

We have a special guest for the next few podcasts, Kisha Bradley – Founder of Bright Box, which is a mobile Maker Space visiting children in the communities they live, seeking to inspire them through playful adventure, into curiosity, interest and maybe cultivate a passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) using art and creativity to build confidence in STEM subjects.

We explore what motivated Kisha and ultimately inspired her at a young age, how she especially seeks to pay that inspiration forward particularly to girls, but also all children who may not see ‘kids like me’ aspiring to STEM education and careers.

We are sure you’ll agree, Kisha is one motivated, Inspiring and dedicated woman.

You find out all about her and her Enterprise here: www.MyBrightToys.com

Until next week,

Ruth, Jonny, Pennie – and of course, Kisha

2 thoughts on “059 Girls With Drills | Throw Starfish”

  1. Hi Ruth, I used to receive your Starfish podcasts on my old email address but that is now defunct so I don’t get them anymore ? Please add me with my other address below…
    Christine x

  2. Ruthie! Interesting podcast ? Our dad, your grandad, used to let me help him with things he was working on in the garage or around the house/garden with tools etc. He (and grandma too for that matter) never treated me any different to your dad. You’re right, its when you get out into the big bad world, its society as a whole that puts up invisible barriers ? – Christine x

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