Hey hey, welcome to this weeks Throw Starfish podcast.

It is said we are currently in the 3rd wave of feminism. Is feminism a dirty word – still? Can a man be a feminist? What does it mean to be a feminist, and why is feminism important and so so far away from not being needed any more.

We explore sexism, inequality, and systemic misogyny.

What are your views on feminism, from what perspective. Do you encourage your children to be feminist, or do you call it something else? Do you actively avoid or dissuade feminism? If so, why?

It’s such a broad subject, and a very important one, it feels like we are at a bit of a historical decision point, the choice being a dystopian, back stepping of women’s rights, or, if we are lucky, a time for fast tracking equality.

We are sure it’s a topic we will come back to in various forms in the future,

Until next week,

Have a good one,

Pennie, Jonny and Ruth

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