Welcome to our 35th ThrowStarfish Podcast.

This week we share our thoughts and experiences on Networking.  Pennie and Jonny are known for their two Networking events Pecha Kucha Nights Sheffield and Sheffield Soup, whilst creating fabulous eco systems and support networks for those involved. Ruth attends all kinds of networking events and opportunities to network through her work as a women in STEM ambassador, her business and invention The StairSteady and the fun antics she has over at Kids Invent Stuff.  Pennie and Jonny also attend a great deal of Networking and opportunities to network to generate interest in their Save Mount Pleasant campaign and its future development, for their own business, Pennie’s is HR Guardian Angels and Jonny has Made With Design @ Jonny Douglas Limited, and of course we have ThrowStarfish.

Having a great network has been crucial to our success, take a long time to build, and are always leading us to great opportunities, exciting collaborations and ultimately enable to get things done.  We share our insights and tips – old school Networking is dead, long live the new way of Networking.

Have a great week, and don’t forget to hook up with us online.

Best wishes,

Pennie, Jonny and the team.

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